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Imagination Collection

Anything you want to, do it

Most people dream of embodying someone at some point in their lives. Whether that be a particular character seen on television or a superhero that changed their world. I see myself as the Willy Wonka of photography and am here to help you recreate that vision through my art.

About this project

The Imagination Collection captures the essence of those who take on a new person or creature. When people say the sky's the limit, I in turn say why shoot only for the sky? If you seek to invite wonder for a moment, I can help create what you imagine a reality. This isn't just for the young but for anyone ready to see themselves in a new limelight.

What I ask is to think deeply about what it is you have always wanted to be? or become? Once you have that, I want to work with you so we can make it possible. When it comes to costuming or makeup; I'll arrange those minor details. If you can dream it, I'll make it into an art piece to take home to share with your family and friends for many generations to come.